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The beginning of the year is a time for making good on our new year’s resolutions. Gyms and fitness classes are busting at the seams, and dieticians have their hands full. Losing weight is the most common new year’s resolution! We work on getting in shape, strengthening our muscles, toning our bodies, and burning as much fat as possible. While we’re at it, let’s not forget about our skin, which, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine, needs […]


How to care for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin The problem of skin oversensitivity affects roughly 40% of people. This type of skin reacts very quickly and intensely to many different physical stimuli, including external factors such as the environment or cosmetics as well as internal factors such as stress, alcohol, and diet (the main culprits being spicy food, hot beverages, and fast food). Skin oversensitivity most commonly manifests itself as a sudden or permanent reddening, itching, burning, numbness, onset of skin “tightness,” dryness, spider veins, or […]

Winter care for your skin

Winter is a very demanding season for our skin. The freezing temperatures, the wind, the dry air in heated spaces, the temperature changes, the UV radiation – all these factors negatively impact the state of our skin. The protective barrier known as the epidermis is weakened, due to which the skin becomes more susceptible to damage and irritation and dries out much more quickly. In order to prevent this sad state of affairs we must pay attention to our skin […]