How to care for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin

The problem of skin oversensitivity affects roughly 40% of people. This type of skin reacts very quickly and intensely to many different physical stimuli, including external factors such as the environment or cosmetics as well as internal factors such as stress, alcohol, and diet (the main culprits being spicy food, hot beverages, and fast food).

Skin oversensitivity most commonly manifests itself as a sudden or permanent reddening, itching, burning, numbness, onset of skin “tightness,” dryness, spider veins, or irritation. This skin type does not like preservatives, parabens, dyes, aromatic substances, or strong cleaning agents, which amplify the feeling of discomfort. The foundation of skin care is cleansing the face, which is why everyday cleansing must be done with products that contain mild ingredients and that remove dirt and makeup from our faces in a gentle way. Termissa’s nourishing facial moisturizing gel has received much market praise. This gel effectively removes dirt and makeup without leaving a feeling of skin discomfort. It contains delicate active ingredients which allow for the proper care of even very sensitive. Your skin will not only be clean, but also properly nourished. Panthenol and allantoin soothe irritated skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. Oat extract is a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamin E, which slows the skin’s ageing process. The product formula, based on thermal spring water from the Podhale region, has a superb moisturizing effect thanks to the precious mineral content which counteracts free radicals and increases skin elasticity. The benefits of Termissa’s nourishing facial moisturizing gel are maximized when used with Naturlen’s face-washing glove.