The beginning of the year is a time for making good on our new year’s resolutions. Gyms and fitness classes are busting at the seams, and dieticians have their hands full. Losing weight is the most common new year’s resolution! We work on getting in shape, strengthening our muscles, toning our bodies, and burning as much fat as possible. While we’re at it, let’s not forget about our skin, which, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine, needs specially formulated products rich in active ingredients that reduce cellulite and fatty tissue, speed up the metabolism, hydrate, and bring elasticity to our skin. Let’s look for products which contain caffeine, guarana extract, green tea, ruscus aculeatus, cinnamon extract, hedera extract, Chinese astragalus extract, or aloe, all of which work to speed up our metabolism and stimulate lipolysis, the process by which triglycerides break down into free fatty acids and regulate the outflow of lymph from fatty tissue. Let’s also be sure not to forget about substances that hydrate, smoothen, and firm up our skin. Ingredients which bring about these effects include Shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil, d-panthenol, glycerin, urea, and hyaluronan. Many of these active ingredients are found in Termissa’s anticellulite balm, which is a dermocosmetic with an increased penetrability factor enriched with the unique vegetal complex DRENALIP. While taking a shower, you can massage your body with a special flax-fiber glove produced by Naturlen and reap the benefits of improved circulation and smooth skin. When these products are used in tandem everyday, stubborn cellulite disappears and your skin remains firm and smooth.